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William “Buck” Dickgraber began his art career as a very young boy. His parents and family have come from a long line of talented and art minded ancestors that stretch back to the old Dutch Masters. Learning from his Father, Mother, Uncles, and Aunts he burst into his high school arts program receiving many awards and achievements. Graduating out of High School William declined many full paid Art scholarships to many high profile schools such as Pratt, Ringling, Stetson, California School of Art and Design, and entered the U.S.Navy and served with distinction and honor during Desert Storm. Afterwards William married and raised 3 sons during which his art was on hold simmering to be released again. Now after his sons have been raised William has begun his Art Career with the same enthusiasm he had 35 years ago. William is now focused in on painting his “Florida Trail” series of paintings depicting the Florida Outback as he has seen it as an avid outdoorsman since his childhood. His paintings are from the areas most artists have never seen even in photos. He hopes all will enjoy and cherish the scenes he paints of the Florida Outback through an Outdoorsmans eyes.