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The Strawbridge Art League


I have been drawing and painting and enjoying art for almost 50 years, whew a long time.
Art genes run in our family from my dad and his brother to me and now our son who does glass art.
It is not only in the genes, but, in the blood and there is a need that must be fulfilled, once an idea comes to mind it calls.
The color is what draws me in, to sit on the beach and look at the water and see all the colors or rain drops on flowers and leaves amazing.
Or look up at the mountain the morning after a hard rain and see the clouds sitting on it really cool. The colors are wonderful.
I did go to art school on a scholarship when I was 16 and have done all kinds of things thru out my life, but I always come back to art of some form.
Now we are going to retire and I have galleries waiting for me to come and see them when we get to our new home in the islands.
I think of all the colors that will be around and my mind takes off.
I hope you like what I offer as it is from the heart and done with love and happiness , like the little fish that smile!