Blue Seahorse Sonja Light



The Strawbridge Art League


Standing next to her mother who was tole painting designs on tea towels, the toddler Sonja was already absorbing the process of color mixing and application. The peaches, grapes, and ladies in bikinis were her first introduction to painting.

Sonja M. Light has been creating art for many decades. She studied and received a degree in art from the University of Kansas. Her love of nature and sense of whimsy is reflected in her paintings, prints, mixed-media, and sculpture works. She enjoys creating animals and likes to add a personal relationship by having them observe the viewer as the viewer observes the animal. Sometimes they seem to be escaping the frame, sharing her sense of freedom from boundaries. Other creations are animorphs, part human and part animals. Her subject matter is extensive as she records vignettes from her travels and home environments having lived sunny Houston Texas, in mountain foothills of Taos, New Mexico, in the prairies of Kansas, and currently the coastal town of Melbourne, Florida.