Mixed MediaWatercolor

Historic Melbourne

The SAL (Strawbridge Art League) Gallery


I enjoy painting watercolor batik on ginwashi rice paper using wax as a resist.  I choose this surface because it provides the translucent and textural qualities that I desire.   The chopped fibers often draw the viewer closer to see what is that in the paper!  I can paint realistic but yet have a rugged quality to my paintings.  The paper lends itself well to both translucent and opaque paints and they seem to glow.  While some might think it would be tedious to paint and wax each color separately I am always excited to iron off the wax when finished to see what is revealed.

I also enjoy creating art while experimenting with resin mixed with paints, pigments, and inks.  Some of my work is mixed media, and crystal clear Artresin is the catalyst throughout. The resin that I use is of the highest quality and will not yellow over time.  Sometimes it is in the project and sometimes on top……but always part of.