The unofficial explanation…

Welcome to the unofficial Strawbridge Art League Directory. As the name would suggest, this page is not officially sanctioned by the Art League Proper. The purpose of this site is instead to serve as a demonstration of a dynamic and accessible version of the traditional printed copy issued to members.

If you find that your information is missing or incorrect, please don't hesitate to contact me. Some common reasons why your listing might be missing are as stated below. You may click here if you are looking for the official Strawbridge Art League site.

Why is my Listing Missing?

  1. You might not have been a member when the directory had been published.
  2. There aren't any websites or other public listing for you. I don't know if this is by accident or if you don't want any presence on the web. Being overly cautious, I'm assuming the latter.
  3. There are more than one listing of people with the same name who are also creatives. If I can't find a location or am not familiar with your work, I left your listing unpublished until I can verify that the site is yours.
  4. I hadn't gotten to your name yet or missed you. I'm happy to add you—please send me a note.

Why is my information missing?

  1. Missing images means I hadn't gotten in touch with you. I can't publish images without your permission. If you would like to submit four images, please make sure they are no more than 980 pixels wide or tall. You may submit them with or without water marks. There are different theories to how images should be published on the web , so it's probably best left at your discretion. Given that information, you may contact me here so I can send you a link.
  2. The absence of phone numbers and email is due to the fact that if the information is on the web, it's probably best retrieved from your social media and/or website. I am sincerely hoping this will bring you more productive traffic.
  3. I didn't cut and past properly and apologize for that. Please send me a note so I can fix it.